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  1. Hi Matt,

    I really like this blog. I’m actually suit it as a reference when I get a tailored suit. I was wondering if you will do a post on the suit Sean Connery wears in 1996’s “The Rock”? I know, not one of Connery’s classics, but seems to be a classic suit.

    Thomas W.

    • I never liked the suits from The Rock, due to the 90’s fashions. The large shoulders and very low lapel notches remove this from being a classic suit, as opposed to the more classic styles that Pierce Brosnan was wearing at the time.

  2. Will you be reviewing the suits and clothing from the 2014 FLEMING tv series? The show had so many fantastic styles and fashions that are timeless and some making a comeback. Also could you review more on the things Ian Fleming would have worn? Thankyou

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