A Floral Shirt for Cuba

Floral patterns typically aren’t Bond’s style, but this light blue on blue floral shirt in linen seems appropriate in Cuba. The shirt has half sleeves and is cut with a straight hem and side vents. It has a camp collar, French front, rear side pleats and a rounded breast pocket. Bond leaves the top four buttons of his shirt open to expose his white vest underneath.

Bond wears navy linen trousers and brown suede chukka boots with leather soles. The sunglasses are Persol PE2672-S in a tortoise plastic frame with dark brown crystal lenses, made especially for Die Another Day.

6 thoughts on “A Floral Shirt for Cuba

  1. Do you have any picture of these boots? I didn't realize that Bond's been wearing chukka before QOS.
    BTW It's still one intresting suit in DAD that you hasn't written about it yet. I mean suit that Bond was wearing when he was talking with Q (and gets Aston Martin "vanish").

  2. Great pictures. I would be interested in some budget alternatives to a quality shirt like this one. I find the Cubavera linen trouser a budget pant for this one (and the Madagascar chase in CR), but they do not come in navy blue. Where did these come from?

  3. Any chance you can do the white shirt after he torches the clinic and sows the diamonds to the cigar man and discovers the diamonds have gg on them?

  4. Interesting that he would wear suede chukkas with this outfit. First of all, how would they look with navy pants? Secondly, wouldn’t they be unbearably warm? I would think that black canvas slip-ons would be far more appropriate with this outfit. I have a pair with black soles (unlike the white ones worn by Dalton in LTK or Brosnan in TND) that are rather nice without being too casual.

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